Why is it worth it to invest in custom closets for your house?

On top of increasing property value, building custom closets can bring you numerous benefits in terms of organization, space saving, and peace of mind.

Coastal Closet Designs works hard to create the best custom closets for its customers. Having enough storage space is a key aspect in any house.

Here a few reasons why getting custom closets done are a great way to spend your money:

Custom Closets are built around your needs: your personal lifestyle and your fashion tastes are yours only and deserve their own space. If you own a lot of shoes, install storage shelves especially for your footwear. If you live in a cold climate, make more space for your jackets and winter clothes.

  • Custom Closets are more space-efficient: if you work with Coastal Closet Design you will directly see the difference between what a general contractor would do (aka finding an open space, build some walls, hang a coat rack and put a door) and what a custom closet designer would do (using every inch of space available to create more storage space for your clothing and accessories.


  • Custom Closets keep your house clutter-free: storing clothes is easier and will keep your house cleaner in general. An easy-to-access custom closet can help you put things where they belong instead of stuffing it under your bed or throwing it on the floor.


  • Custom Closets are a luxury you can afford: for only a few thousands of dollars, you can enjoy a beautiful storage space for your fashion items and other accessories. You will see your clothes under a different light and be able to make better decisions when it comes to choosing your clothes for the day, or the season.


Among all the closet design companies in the area, we are striving to be different. We take care not only of closet design but also of closet installation.

 As you can see, building customized closets allows you to create your dream space, reduces your level of stress, and you can even use that opportunity to start fresh and get rid of your old clothes that you don’t wear anymore. Last but not least, you can be more relaxed in the morning, especially if you have a tendency to wake up late. Finding the right outfit will be a lot easier if you have a well-organized space.

We are not Closet Factory or California Closet, at Coastal Closet Design, we have our own identity and we would love to share with you our creations and most successful designs.

Give us a call today at 302-337-7463 to discuss your needs. Our custom closet designers are always happy to answer your questions and concerns. Listening is an integral part of the customer experience we offer to our clients.

Our area of service includes most parts of the state of Delaware, especially major cities such as Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Milford, Bethany Beach, Ocean City, and Seaford.