What is the ideal custom closet?

Creating your ideal custom closet is all about paying attention to many small details. In this article, Coastal Closet Designs will give you a few pointers about what the perfect custom closet should look like.

First of all, building the ideal closet should start with taking an inventory of the different items you own and assess the space you have at your disposal. We love to take a look at your existing design elements in order to create a custom closet that will match the look and feel of your current bedroom.

Best Standout Features for Your Custom Closet

Angled sections are a good starting point, they add a dramatic dimension when you enter your walk-in closet. Then comes the lighting: LED lighting coupled with remote control wardrobe lifts and electronic locks on your vanity doors are a must. That’s if you like sophistication and electronics.

Then you can focus on showcasing specific design elements. The end goal is to have a highly-functional space that is also beautiful at the same time.

Mixing finishes and colors

There is a rich offering of finishes, colors, and materials. Blending materials and including pops of color is our favorite thing and this is also the current trend now.

More Tips and Ideas for Building your Dream Custom Closet

Apart from this, we suggest that you maximise your space by adding a second hanging rod in order to make a difference. Don’t hesitate to add more shelves for your footwear and also shelves and racks for your accessories. Try something different by adding a nice chrome belt rack, a divider for your ties, or a padded jewelry drawer.

If you want to add a more feminine touch, a vanity on top of the drawers is always a nice feature. You will be able to put another mirror there and you will also place your perfume and other makeup accessories there.

If you have a tendency to put your dirty clothes everywhere, think about including a space for your laundry.

Last but not least, you will need a mirror, of course, a closet mirror that can slide in and out for example. And if you still have enough space left, you can even design an island that will be a nice addition to your closet. You will be able to fold your clothes on it.

Don’t hesitate to decorate your closet to add some character and your own personality to it. A statement rug or wall decorations can easily do the trick.

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