Why is it worth it to invest in custom closets for your house?

On top of increasing property value, building custom closets can bring you numerous benefits in terms of organization, space saving, and peace of mind.

Coastal Closet Designs works hard to create the best custom closets for its customers. Having enough storage space is a key aspect in any house.

Here a few reasons why getting custom closets done are a great way to spend your money:

Custom Closets are built around your needs: your personal lifestyle and your fashion tastes are yours only and deserve their own space. If you own a lot of shoes, install storage shelves especially for your footwear. If you live in a cold climate, make more space for your jackets and winter clothes.




Among all the closet design companies in the area, we are striving to be different. We take care not only of closet design but also of closet installation.

 As you can see, building customized closets allows you to create your dream space, reduces your level of stress, and you can even use that opportunity to start fresh and get rid of your old clothes that you don’t wear anymore. Last but not least, you can be more relaxed in the morning, especially if you have a tendency to wake up late. Finding the right outfit will be a lot easier if you have a well-organized space.

We are not Closet Factory or California Closet, at Coastal Closet Design, we have our own identity and we would love to share with you our creations and most successful designs.

Give us a call today at 302-337-7463 to discuss your needs. Our custom closet designers are always happy to answer your questions and concerns. Listening is an integral part of the customer experience we offer to our clients.

Our area of service includes most parts of the state of Delaware, especially major cities such as Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Milford, Bethany Beach, Ocean City, and Seaford.


Creating your ideal custom closet is all about paying attention to many small details. In this article, Coastal Closet Designs will give you a few pointers about what the perfect custom closet should look like.

First of all, building the ideal closet should start with taking an inventory of the different items you own and assess the space you have at your disposal. We love to take a look at your existing design elements in order to create a custom closet that will match the look and feel of your current bedroom.

Best Standout Features for Your Custom Closet

Angled sections are a good starting point, they add a dramatic dimension when you enter your walk-in closet. Then comes the lighting: LED lighting coupled with remote control wardrobe lifts and electronic locks on your vanity doors are a must. That’s if you like sophistication and electronics.

Then you can focus on showcasing specific design elements. The end goal is to have a highly-functional space that is also beautiful at the same time.

Mixing finishes and colors

There is a rich offering of finishes, colors, and materials. Blending materials and including pops of color is our favorite thing and this is also the current trend now.

More Tips and Ideas for Building your Dream Custom Closet

Apart from this, we suggest that you maximise your space by adding a second hanging rod in order to make a difference. Don’t hesitate to add more shelves for your footwear and also shelves and racks for your accessories. Try something different by adding a nice chrome belt rack, a divider for your ties, or a padded jewelry drawer.

If you want to add a more feminine touch, a vanity on top of the drawers is always a nice feature. You will be able to put another mirror there and you will also place your perfume and other makeup accessories there.

If you have a tendency to put your dirty clothes everywhere, think about including a space for your laundry.

Last but not least, you will need a mirror, of course, a closet mirror that can slide in and out for example. And if you still have enough space left, you can even design an island that will be a nice addition to your closet. You will be able to fold your clothes on it.

Don’t hesitate to decorate your closet to add some character and your own personality to it. A statement rug or wall decorations can easily do the trick.

The number One Custom Closet Company in Delaware

There are many closet companies but none of them is exactly like us in terms of customer experience and attention to detail. We have worked with hundreds of clients across the state and know exactly what it takes to build your dream storage space.

We cover most of the state of Delaware, in particular, major cities like Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Milford, Bethany Beach, Seaford, and even Ocean City in Maryland




Thoughtful lighting is key when you build your new closet. It helps you create the right atmosphere and it is also pretty convenient when you try to choose your clothes for the next day or when you want to see clearly the colors.

Never underestimate the power of a good lighting source to showcase your closet in a more dramatic fashion!

So what you should know about lighting when it comes to custom closets?

Make it functional

Let’s be clear, the number one benefit of lighting is visibility. You need to be able to sort through your clothes and accessories effortlessly. You will be able to access and identify precisely all your belongings without hesitation.

Just talk to us about your functional needs and also your aesthetic request so we can take both into account and design the perfect custom closet for you. Coastal Closet Designs’ only wish is to create the best custom closets in Delaware, nothing less.

Make it simple and elegant

Don’t overthink it and don’t try to add unnecessary details. More often than not, less is more. A well-placed light can make a big difference in your closet.

If you have an easy to access an electrical outlet, we can easily install brand new lights to illuminate your space. Keep in mind that light doesn’t always travel everywhere through your shelving unless they are made of glass of course. Instead of one single puck light, we recommend installing ribbon lights. Why? Because they cast a beautiful glow over your clothing.

Install your new lights in strategic spots

Under the bottom shelf (pointing down at the floor) and above the top shelf (pointing up at the ceiling) are the perfect places to start with. It will add a whole new dimension to your closet and enhance the finishes and colors you have chosen.

If there is a specific element you want to highlight, you can install a puck light especially for it. Play with mirrors and doors with glossy surfaces. There are literally a million ways to arrange your custom closet. Be creative!

The era of dark and small is over, it is time to transform your walk-in closet into a luxury piece of art and give it a boutique look that will never fail to impress your guests.

Final tip: Add dimmers

This way you will be able to vary the intensity of light. Dimmer switches and sensor switches can add an extra touch. Create the desired mood and affect in seconds with our lighting options and experience the luxury of a true hands-free option.

Small lighting details can make a huge impact. Ask our lighting experts how by giving us a call at 302-337-7463  or sending us an email. We offer a wide range of lighting solutions that are both visually appealing and extremely practical.

We cover the entire state of Delaware and a small part of Maryland too: Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Milford, Bethany Beach, Ocean City Maryland, Seaford and much more



Investing in custom closets is worth every single cent in terms of resale of your house.

Customized storage space will help you sell your home. It helps potential homeowners to visualize what their shoe collection or their jackets would look like in their future home.

Keep in mind that most people want to move to a new place because they want a bigger home where they will be able to stash more. Custom closets add value and are synonyms of luxury and space. That’s a lot better than piling clothes or hide stuff behind your closet doors.

With proper guidance from our specialists, you can create the perfect storage space for your clothes and other objects. Organising baskets, hangers, sliding doors…so many options are available!

You will soon enjoy looking at your closet when you see neatly folded items. It is also perfect when potential buyers visit your house if you are selling: it helps them see what their life could look like in their new home.

There is nothing worse than empty racks and closets when you visit a place. Give your house a more lively and welcoming feel by leaving the right amount of personal objects inside. Say goodbye to your cluttered bedroom and start enjoying the benefits of a well-organized closet.

It will be your gift to the future tenants or buyers of your house, and the kind of “gift” that can increase the price of your house for a minimal investment. Let’s put it this way: you cannot take the closet with you when you leave anyway, so why not leaving it to your successor?

Real Estate and Closet Organizers in Delaware

A few shelves and rods can change your entire home. Choose wood closets or melamine closets depending on your budget.

In any case, custom closets will help gain space, save time, and most importantly, peace of mind. This is a simple improvement that costs only a few thousand dollars but it can make a big difference.

Forget about stand-alone cabinets and consider adding a built-in closet directly incorporated in your wall. This way you can use the full length of the wall and you won’t have to use additional floor space.

A well-designed closet brings tremendous value to your home and simplifies your life. Think about installing adjustable container shelves and maximise your existing or future organizers. Upgrading your closet is synonymous to shaping up your bedroom!

Closet Design and Installation in Wilmington and surrounding areas

Don’t hesitate to contact us at 302-337-7463 if you are not a DIY enthusiast and rather let the pros install new closets in your house. Closet design and installation are our specialties and Coastal Closet Designs will gladly help you with any of your needs and questions.

Whether you are in Wilmington, Dover, Lewes or Seaford, we can come to you and offer you a free quote that will match your needs perfectly.




Do you wish to get your old fashioned closet transformed to a new one?

Are you thrilled by the idea of a personalized closet?

Everyone likes to have options in life and when you get a chance to have personalization options for your closet, it is like having a bonus.

Wondering if there are some good closet companies near me who would give me options to design my own closet.

All you wish is now possible since the Coastal Custom Closets are here in Newark DE to make the closet wishes come true. We are a company that has marked its name since years by providing the state of the art closets and wardrobes to the clients. We have a team of experts, all working at their best to provide high quality work to the client just the way they want. Each person in our team is a skilled member of our company and their hard work and honesty speak for itself in their work. Once you would hire us to get your custom closets made, you would contact us again and again for more work and tell others about us for sure.

And the closets are not all that we offer at triple C.

Coastal Custom Closets offers closet designs and remodeling services for all the types of hardware. Here we offer

Why should I have a custom closet in the first place?

Closets are like rooms within your bedrooms. They need to be kept clear and organized but the daily dress up routine in a rush makes it impossible for the closet to stay tidy and the things to stay in place. Therefore having a closet with designated places for all the items is necessary so you don’t go messing it around each time you have to find a sock or a shirt.

A custom closet gives you the opportunity to design the shelves, drawers, hangers, hampers, and shoe racks to be made according to your need. You know which item needs the most space in the closet. So you tell us what you have in mind and our expert designers provide the design proposals according to your demand and your budget. We provide free estimates for the custom closets as well, so you could choose the best and most economical version of the closet.

Give us a call or fill the form on the website whenever you need some task done efficiently regarding your closets, wall units or laundry rooms or some other part of the house or office, and our team would be there with you to facilitate you for the closet.

Tired of de-cluttering your old, off color, chipping closet?

Looking for some modern and stylish closet to replace the old one?

Looking for some modern and stylish closet to replace the old one?

Good news is, the Coastal Custom Closets, one of the best closet design companies, is here in Dover DE to help you get a closet of your dreams. A place to make you feel the luxury and style like never before.

A good and well organized closet does not only add to the beauty of your room but it also adds comfort to your lifestyle. When you have everything at your disposal in the closet and you do not have to search daily from layers of messy clothes and accessories, you actually style better. We strive to provide you such closet installations that would maximize your chances of looking beautiful and new each day.

So what’s next?

Next, is reaching us and telling us what you need and we will provide you all that with a perfect combination of style and functionality.

Sort out your budget, think of all that you want to do with your closet and give us a call. Our representatives would be there with you in no time. They are the experts in their field so you could ask them all you wish for. They can provide you the proposals for the closets staying in your budget range as well as according to the plan you have in the closet. The best part is your full participation in deciding which drawer you want to be placed where for your custom closets.

What services do the Coastal Custom closets offer?

We strive to provide you the best of the raw material so you could get your heart desired closets. Our goal is to create such closets that are unique in form and perfect in functionality so that the combination of the two would result in something marvelous and efficient. There are a number of features that you could add to your best custom closets according to your taste.

You can put your taste and esthetic to design the closet of your dreams, if your design somehow would somehow lack some professionalism, our experts would be there to eliminate it and to make sure that your custom closets design is flawless.

To contact us, you can give us a call and our customer support team will help you with further working, else you would find a short form on the website that you could fill in and send us. Our representatives would be there with you in no time to facilitate you.

The best custom closets in the area of Dover DE, Wilmington De, Dover DE, Lewes DE, and Rehoboth Beach De are found at the Coastal Custom Closets Company. A company striving to bring you the best possible solutions for all your problems regarding the customized closets.

Finding a closet of your dreams is not a problem anymore as, at Coastal Custom Closets, you are free to choose from thousands of options for the custom closet installation and the most thrilling part is that you choose to design your own closet, according to your needs and your wishes.

We see that choosing and designing a closet is no more a problem in Lewes DE, Dover DE, Wilmington De, Dover DE, and Rehoboth Beach De now due to the best closet shop there, but organizing your closet still remains a problem. To solve your problem we have gathered a few useful tips that would help you keep your closet organized and save you the fuss of finding stuff again and again.

How to organize your custom closets today?

Here is a step by step process to get a clean and organized closet in just no time.

If you still find it difficult to organize your best custom closets with these bins and boxes, we are here to help. At the Coastal Custom Closets we have experts who can provide you the variable options for the drawers and sections to choose from, so the closet remains tidy and fully organized all the time.

A walk in closet is actually a whole room that you have to maintain as it is a space for a big number of things from all over the house. It has to keep your clothes, your shoes, bags, sports goodies, makeup items, jewelry items and a lot more that none other can imagine.

Storing in the walk in closet is not difficult, organizing it is!

This is where you need help.

But no worries for help is here at the Coastal Custom Closets Wilmington DE, a place where you will find the custom closets of your dreams, which would be easy to manage and clean.

Getting a number of drawers and cabinets in the closet helps maintain it. Here at our shop, we have experts who provide you with the design and closet installation at your place. The design ideas that our experts present to you would sure help you de-clutter your closet space and get a well-organized one like never before.

What makes your custom closet a signature item of yours is the way you pick up all the hardware in it. Here at Coastal Custom Closets you can combine the high-quality door and drawers, installed accessories, finishes, lighting esthetics, and several layout options to bring a final and best custom closets of your dreams.

You can add a personal feel to your walk in closet by choosing your personal favorite shoe shelves and jewelry drawers, also you can make use of the decorative hardware of your own choice and put glass shelves to beautify your creation. This will give your walk in closet a personalized feel and would make you fall in love with it.

Lights add to the beauty of any place they are attached to and bring a glow and esthetic that none another accessory could provide. With the walk in closets, you have the liberty to choose from a vast range of colorful and elegant lights that would add effect and significance to even minor details of the closet. You could make use of the spotlights to enhance a single shelf and use multiple lights to bring ambience to the shoes and bags shelves. This would transform your otherwise simple walk in closet to a charming boutique of your own.

Here at Coastal Custom Closets, we offer you the opportunity to pick the finish that you wish. Whether you like your closet to be dark or light in shade, textured or smooth, polished or matt, you would get it all as you wish it to be. From a huge variety of colors and shades, you could pick one of your choices and our closet installers will reach you with it in no time.

If you have made up your mind to get a custom walk in closet, the best closet design companies are just a phone call away. Or if you feel comfortable with it, you could fill in the form given on our website and our representatives would be at your service soon.

Organizing closets can be tricky and tiresome. You would spend a whole day cleaning and arrange everything and the very next day it looks like it was hit by a tornado.

What could be the solution to such a troublesome closet?

Getting a custom closet here in Rehoboth beach could save your day.

At coastal custom closets, known as Coastal Closet Designs, you will find numerous options to pick the design for your closet. A company that has been providing many options for customized closets to its clients.

If you too are looking forward to designing your own space, you would be delighted to visit our best custom closets design ideas, where you have plenty of DIY options. You could pick, choose and design from a number of shelves, drawers, jewelry organizers, clothing rods, storage containers and wall hooks.

Finding custom closets living in the state of Delaware is not a tough job as the coastal custom closets crew of Coastal Closet Designs is not far away. Not only the residents of Rehoboth Beach could get facilitated by our designs and closet installations but also the folks from the cities of Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Lewes, Milford, Bethany Beach, Ocean City Maryland, Seaford, Milton, Millsboro, and Bridgeville could enjoy our closet services.

Only the bedroom closets?

Well no. When you reach out and speak to one of our team designers, you will find that there is no end to the closets we design and create. Be it the closet of your bedroom or the cupboards of your kitchen, the racks for your shoes, the hardware for the dining area showcase, organizers for the garage or any other closet area, you would find the perfect solution here with our company.

What makes coastal custom closets of Coastal Closet Designs different from the rest of the closet design companies?

We aim to provide you a stress free life so you could focus more on the important things and fuss less on the petty issues like having an untidy closet.

The custom closets we design are different from the rest because it’s the form and function that we pride in providing. If the form of a closet is good but the function lacks, it’s a complete failure.

Our closets are made with the finest of high quality material that promises to stay longer and saves you the trouble of repair and maintenance. The top class finish of the product is also something that the company takes pride in.

How to reach us at Coastal Closet Designs for a coastal custom closet?

When you wish to get your dream closet, contact us. We have professionally trained closet installers and designers who would set a meeting with you to understand your need and desire and provide you something much more than that.

Call us and our team would be there with you in no time or you could simply fill in the form provided on the website with the necessary details and get our quick response. We take pride in delivering the dream closets in the promised time.

Nobody can deny that having custom closets built is a great investment that will yield long-term benefits for you and your family. It can replace chaos with order and it will also add considerable value to your home when you resell it.

All things considered, this is one of the best home improvement projects you can undertake. It simplifies your life and the life of the people who will live here after you and it saves you some time.  Before contacting and hiring a closet installer near you, there are several things you should know.

Here below, Coastal Closet Designs will give you a few pointers as to what influences your custom closet budget:

1- Materials

Unsurprisingly, thickness and quality grades vary a lot. You can just stick with the industry standard or try to use wire if your budget is low. Obviously, it is not made for heavy loads and it is hardly customisable.

Wood closets are what we recommend, especially plywood. Solid wood might seem like a good idea too but keep in mind that it can be affected by temperature and humidity.

Finally, melamine closets are another option you can explore. It is a new technology that gives you all the advantages of wood without its limitations. It is very easy to maintain and does not peel, crack or stain. MDF is easy to customise and comes in a variety of colors and finishes which makes it an excellent choice too.

2- Colors

You might not know this but yes, color play a huge part in the total cost of your custom closet. The most cost-effective solution is plain white. A woodgrain pattern will add between 25 to 45% to the final cost, some trendy kinds of woodgrain can even add up to 70% to the bottom line. If you are looking for custom colors, the price of the project is likely to double.

Maple, cherry, antique, chocolate? The choice is yours. Coastal Closet Designs offers you a wide range of colors for all your custom closets projects. Darker shades can mimic real wood if you opted for a different material. But the downside is that it can darken your space.

3- Section Width and Depth

The more sections you want to have, the higher the cost of course. Two 36” wide sections are usually enough for a couple. You might want a section for your winter clothes and an another one for your summer clothes but chances are that cost will go up fast. Keep in mind that you don’t have to use all your wall space, especially if your budget is tight.

In terms of depth, try to stay as shallow as reasonably possible to control your costs. A 12” deep section for hanging is usually way enough for your needs. For drawer sections, 16” is what we recommend.

We are one of the best closet installers in Delaware and we cover all the major cities like Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Milford, Bethany Beach, Ocean City, and Seaford. Call us today for more information or even better yet, fill out our free custom design consultation form to get any question or inquiry answered by one of the professional design team members! One of our design consultants will be happy to give you a free quote based on your requirements.

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