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Do you struggle with organization? Are you unhappy with the design aesthetic of your closet? Enter Coastal Closet Designs. As the premiere closet installation company in Delaware and the eastern shore, we understand how frustrating it can be when you feel like you have no control over your storage space. An unorganized space can often lead to chaos and stress. Let Coastal Closet Design help alleviate some of the stress and help you restore peace into the home.

At Coastal Closet Design, we are masters at affordable, yet luxurious organizational solutions. Our passionate craftsmen are highly skilled at bringing your specific vision to life. No matter if you need a detailed walk-in closet, or you need a highly customized built-in organizer, Coastal Closet Designs has got you covered. We understand that no two clients’ needs are the same. So we provide many flexible options to suit your individual taste and budget. No job is too big or too small. Here’s a list of the type of spaces we can transform.

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These past few years, Coastal Closet Design has become a leader in the industry of transforming our beloved closet and storage areas in our homes from a once boring and simple space to a now, new and defined space that is unique and efficient for its purpose. The team here at Coastal Closet Design has risen as the premier custom closet manufacturer for the state of Delaware and the eastern shore. We’ve propelled with passion to elevate the company to be seen in the highest regard by each and every one of our customers for the experience that is had will be second to none when building a custom closet space with us.



For most folks when they think of an accomplishment, they want to look on the wall and see what piece of paper has your name on it and how fancy is the frame that its hung with… For the Coastal closet team, their accomplishments come in the form of what they create as a team of closet designers and closet installers. Click thru here to see examples of Kitchens, Laundry rooms, Basements, Pantries, Hobby rooms, Home offices, Garages and be struck to your knees with awe and excitement from the rush you will get when you imagine what your home would be like when its completed with our team!



For the Coastal Closet Design team, creating the best custom closets is not just a job, but also a way of life! We are constantly learning about the newest technology and innovative design practices within the closet installation industry, so that we can deliver an exceptional job. YOU are our priority. We are focused on results driven customer service, and exceeding the expectations of each of our clients.


You really want to get to know someone and learn about their family? Then take a gander at what any one of their secondary entrances looks like. I’m not talking about the front door entrance that is always kept clean and tidy, I mean the garage or the laundry room entrance! This is where you can learn about someone that you thought you knew very well just to find out even more that you never knew… How would this make you feel? How does your guest look at you now? Does it really matter to them or is it the fact that you know something needs to be done, but there hasn’t been a reason big enough for you to get it done. Now this is nothing to be embarrassed about by any means. Everyone has a different situation with how their home is built and designed, but sometimes in order to make things more efficient, some professional closet designing is handy to make those little tweaks you always said that, “I would get too!”
Well now is your chance to break free from the chains of embarrassment and no room to store any of my things. Directly below this line you will see a few different spots for some closet wielding at its finest! Take a look and see how this can enhance your secondary entrance area.


Garage Organization



Laundry Rooms